The birdwatcher’s first stop for field equipment –
also a chance to view work by Bruce Pearson, artist and broadcaster.

The International Owl Society was established to provide a world-wide forum for all of those interested in Owls.

The RSPB works for a healthy environment rich in birds and wildlife; it depends on the support and generosity of others to make a difference.

The British Trust for Ornithology has existed since 1933 as an independent, scientific research trust, investigating the populations, movements and ecology of wild birds in the British Isles.

The United Kingdom’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) provides independent research and training in the environmental sciences.

The WORLD OWL TRUST exists to advance wildlife conservation by primarily focusing on all owl species and their ecology.


The Raptor Foundation

The Raptor Foundation at St.Ives – Lifecare Hospital for Birds of Prey. A rescue service, 24 hour care and rehabilitation facilities for injured raptors.


The Barn Owl Trust

In South West England the Barn Owl Trust carries out a major program of practical conservation work, research and education. Nationally, the Trust is the main source of information on Barn Owl conservation with a range of free leaflets and other publications.


CITES: The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.


UK Authorities responsible for wildlife and countryside legislation,
including CITES administration.